Discover wellness redefined by 3230, where we're committed to nurturing your health with superior products. From field to lab, from price tag to taste buds, our features are crafted with your lifestyle in mind

Lab Tested
All items undergo comprehensive lab tests, ensuring top quality assurance for you.
USA Grown
Indulge in our wellness products, locally sourced and grown across the USA.
Affordable Wellness
Achieve wellness affordably with our high-quality, low-cost health and wellness options.
Multiple Flavor Options
Delight in our variety of flavors, crafted to match any mood or preference

What is 3230 Wellness?

At 3230 Wellness, we are dedicated to revolutionizing wellness with products that seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle. Our commitment to quality and purity in our CBD and THC offerings ensures that every interaction with our products is both safe and profoundly beneficial. By harnessing the restorative powers of nature, we aim to empower our community to lead healthier, more balanced lives.